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ABOUT ROB – After working in the grocery business for over 15 years, Rob Schaffner stumbled into a new entrepreneurial adventure that has brought him—and others—immense joy for over a decade. Rob’s inspiration started while helping his dad at work, at a local sand & gravel company.  


Initially, forming his creations was merely a hobby. But after delivering his first business card holder as a Christmas present, he received an order for 10-12 more. When those gifts turned into requests for 50 additional creations, Rob knew he had something special.


He started purchasing buckets of material from Pioneer and then picking up large stone scraps from a local countertop company. Choosing, sanding, and combining the right rocks evolved to working with a water-cooled rock saw to perfect his functional art pieces. Now, Rob’s creations can be found in Manitou Springs, at Garden of the Gods Trading Post, at Seven Falls, and at conferences and craft fairs—or you can order his products on this site.


There are several steps involved in the creation of each piece. Rob carefully inspects and builds each product with an eye for details and a creative vision. Below shows the various steps he takes.

Stone selection.jpg
Rob inspecting stone selection.jpg
Rob inspecting small stone selection.jpg
Bob handing Rob stone slab at cutter.jpg

Sorting the selection of stone

Inspecting the stone

Inspecting the stone

Cutting the stone with his dad

Rob sanding stone smiling.jpg

Sanding the sharp edges

Rob adjusting pad 7.jpg

Gluing on cork backing

Rob sanding stone pad 6.jpg

Sanding cork edges

Rob gluing on parts 1.jpg

Gluing final stone component to piece

Please note: Inventory is always changing and no two pieces will be the same. 


Rob participates in a variety of local craft fairs, conferences and other events.


Rob tending table.jpg
Rob in front of store.png
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