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One of a kind, sizes, shapes and combinations of stone, including entirely matching stone or a cut stone base matched with unique river rock:

  • Cream travertine
  • Cream travertine & river rock
  • Rainbow sandstone
  • Rainbow sandstone  & river rock
  • Black granite
  • Black granite  & river rock
  • White marble
  • White marble  & river rock
  • Rainforest green granite & river rock 
  • Surprise me with a favorite from Rob's unique shapes and stone!

Cork backing to protect your desk

Choose a holder from the following selection of photos.


Note: Because each holder is unique, we cannot guarantee that yours will look exactly like the picture, but we will choose a holder for you from our inventory that best fits your request.


Please note: Inventory is always changing and no two pieces will be the same. 

Business Card / Cell Phone Holders:

  • Never wonder where your cell phone is - you can keep it in its holder on your desk! They’re great for hands-free calls! And use a holder for your business cards, so you’ll never have to search for them, either!

  • If you email us prior to submitting your order of 3 or more items, you will receive a code for a 15% discount.

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